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Which BTS song you are according to your Zodiac sign

27 December, 2020

Korean hitmakers BTS make songs that stay in our heads for months at a time — we’re still not over February 2020’s map of the soul: 7, and we already have new BTS album BE to obsess over. That’s fine by us, since BTS’s rich discography means there’s a beat, a lyric, and vibe for every feeling, occasion, and OK, astrological sign.

Whether you’re playing Pied Piper or Dynamite on repeat , some BTS songs just hit different based on how we relate to them. Our Zodiac signs can guide us towards finding our favourite songs, based on the lyrics we astrologically relate to the most.

This is all the more reason for us to curate a list of the ultimate BTS song that defines our Zodiac signs. Take a journey through BTS’s discography via your Zodiac — and add ‘em to your BE streaming playlist ASAP.

Aries: Dynamite

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries finds pleasure in always being no. 1. And, no matter what they do in life, they’ll always achieve success due to their fiery vibe. Like Dynamite, Aries will almost always pop off on those who doubt their ability to dominate the world, which is why this song will become the new personal anthem for Aries everywhere.

Taurus : Pied Piper

Tauruses know what they want in life and will stop at nothing to get their way. Pied Piper describes the rabbit hole fans fall into when they start stanning BTS, and in that spirit of all-encompassing love, the song strongly represents the Bull’s stubbornness and tenacity. Much like Pied Piper celebrates — and jokingly warns against — spending too much time watching BTS videos, Tauruses will relate to the Bull’s tenacity and strength in winning over the people they want in their life.

Gemini: Life Goes On

Real talk: Geminis are known for their smooth way of talking, adaptability, and quicksilver ways. This is why Life Goes On is their ideal BTS song. They’ll relate to the expressive lyrics and verses that use direct communication (which the Twin Star constellation is known for). Also, this song discusses accountability, growth, and adapting to major life changes, which is a sentiment that Geminis grow into with maturity and age.

Cancer: Mikrokosmos

Every Moonchild wants to be seen for their effervescence and luminescence. After all, they light up the sky, allow the world to shine bright, and help people navigate with care through the darkest hours of the day (also their lives). Mikrokosmos reminds Cancers to use their glow and nurturing side to help others through hard times, but most importantly, themselves.


Leos are proud of their achievements and want to show off their amazing talents for everyone to see (TBH, who can blame them?). This song speaks to the vivacious lion’s need to stand tall, take ownership of who they are, embrace the spotlight, and ignore criticism from others. Haters are always gonna hate, when they should really appreciate talent.

Virgo: Magic Shop

Known for their analytical nature, Virgos rarely take leaps or risks without thinking matters through.

Magic Shop is a reflective song that aims to help one make the best choices and decisions when it comes to relationships. The verses echo Virgo’s cautionary wisdom before jumping into something new. It also reminds to always remember that love takes time to grow between people.

Libra: Make It Right

Libras like to have balance and harmony in their life. If they’ve upset anyone, they like to make amends and move forward swiftly (this is due to the fact they are friendship and relationship-oriented). Make It Right describes their need to restore the peace and find compassion with others that they care about, a sentiment that every Libra understands.

Scorpio: Fake Love

Scorpios are known for their deep, intense vibes and are always looking for the total realness.

They use their intuition to see beneath the surface of matters, which means that they can see when people are not being 100 percent honest and use their stingers to project them against anything that’s fake, which is why Fake Love is their new personal anthem.

Sagittarius: Butterfly

Here’s a song that could totally be written for Sagittarius. The lyrics describe Sag’s fun and soulful positivity, as well as their adventurous and free spirited nature.

Upon listening to this song, every Sag will want to spread their wings and fly like the butterfly that they are on the inside while taking off on their next journey into the big world.

Capricorn: Blood Sweat and Tears

We all know that Capricorns have a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality, which is shown through their immense work ethic.

After all, they are the most industrious and diligent sigh of the Zodiac. The lyrics of Blood, Sweat, and Tears will speak to their deeper and edgier sentiments and urge them to embrace their passions, as well as their desires. It may also push them to lighten up and release their energies in relaxing, extracurricular activities other than schoolwork.

Aquarius: Black Swan

This song explores both Aquarius and BTS’s shadow selves. As the most inspiring sign of the Zodiac, the water-bearer finds an affinity and kinship to the song Black Swan.

They know what it’s like to feel so connected to their art. If their creative talents aren’t tempered, they don’t know what they would do to express themselves to the world.

Pisces: DNA

Tender Pisces will fall under the spell of DNA, as the words of this song align with their whimsical vibe and romantic fantasy that they often daydream of feeling throughout the day.

As strong believers of destiny and happily ever afters, Pisces will not only relate to the words but also long for fate to intervene in their love lives.