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Overrated misconceptions dominate lives

27 December, 2020

Various kinds of ideologies based on religion, culture and tradition circulates within every community in society. The belief systems have shaped the lives of the people while enforcing them to pass the same concepts to the next generation. Rarely do they evolve from those outdated beliefs and look out for the truth. As a result, we miss out on all the possibilities to uncover a better future for a world without irrational ideologies.

False beliefs are a threat to human intellect when societies are lagging to grow beyond it.

Luxurious life

The people living a luxurious life and the ones who are living the opposite seem to be equally suffering from irrational ideologies. Unfortunately, society has overrated and has given more significance to them.

The life’s aspects, such as education, marriage and career are the victimised topics subjected to false ideologies. One would end up messing the whole life.

Education is just another way to enhance or add up to the human-intellect. While being the most intelligent animal species on the planet; human life expands beyond survival. Learning the mechanism of the body and mind and learning the fundamentals of living a joyous life is the basis of living.

All others are additions to break the monotony or to spice up life with adventure. Educational systems in most countries are only based on facts and information that they call education.

As a result, today, a well-educated employee's vision and mission have only become money-making for survival. They have magnified and overrated the notion of making money above all other values of life.

The so-called education is the supporting agent that goes hand in hand with earning. Education, knowledge, money and power are a few things that man thinks life cannot go on without. Ironically, they are the only reasons why lives are ending up untimely. A well-educated man without humane qualities cannot be called a human. Such people are a burden to the world. The people behind all kinds of crimes, wars, disasters are the toxic product of overrated topics.


Marriage is another aspect of human life that is also overrated in societies. People have created many misleading concepts around this. Thinking it is compulsory to get married, mentioning a specific age to get married, insisting on a dowry from the side of the bride, thinking it is mandatory to have babies after marriage despite the health or financial confidence, saving the marriage even under an unhealthy domestic condition are some of the misconceptions people believe and pass to the younger generation.

Marriage is not a compulsory institution for every human to get into. It is an institution run under a mutual agreement and commitment under the basis of love. Pathetically, most of the young people chose it just because of the enforcement from the family and society without having the fundamental knowledge of what marriage is. As a result, they settle down with the wrong partners and later separate by divorcing each other. There is no age range for marriage as it is a relative subject for everyone. The desire for marriage depends on the financial, physical, emotional stability of a person. It is not a life condition every human must go through.

The concept of dowry runs deep into history. It has turned out as an exchange of humans for materialistic values. This situation manifests how humans have crippled their minds by giving excess significance and value to wealth.


Of all the above, walking out of a marriage is considered a shame in some communities. As a result, most of the partners and their children undergo physical and emotional trauma living under roofs of domestic violence. That is why we should pick marriage when we are ready without letting it to pick us only for social pressure.

It is high time to stop being victims of overrated topics. Human intelligence isn't supposed to be suppressed by fake illogical ideologies. Giving significance for such is as equal as being dominated and being slaved by them. Our existence is beyond all those limitations.

It is a crime to cage yourself in the frames of social beliefs and not standing against them. Your life is yours, and spending it in the most joyous ways is your responsibility.