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Reveal composition of Experts’ Committee - GMOA

27 December, 2020

The health authorities should immediately reveal to the country the composition of the Experts’ Committee appointed to decide on whether to continue the cremation of Covid-19 bodies or allow them to be buried, the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) Editor Dr. Haritha Aluthge said.

He told the media in Colombo yesterday, that the GMOA has very clearly stated the needed composition of this committee, before the issue of cremating or burying bodies arose. A few months ago, the GMOA clearly stated that epidemiologists, virologists, pedologists (experts on soil), geologists and sociologists should be included in the Committee.

Dr. Aluthge said that the committee should declare their decision as soon as possible without letting various problems develop in the country.

The bodies can be kept safely in body bags but freezing facilities are very limited.

Several court decisions have already been given in connection with this issue.

The people will accept the decision of the committee only if health authorities reveal the composition of the Experts’ Committee, he said.