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Sir Issac Newton

1 November, 2020

Sir Issac Newton was a great Mathematician and Scientist. He was one of the most learned men and greatest thinkers in the world. He was born in a small town called Lincolnshire in England in 1642. After his higher education, he became a Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University. Sir Issac Newton is best known as the discoverer of the law of gravitation. The inspiration was the falling of an apple in his garden. He had seen apples falling from trees many times. But he did not think about it . After studying the movements of stars, he began to think. Besides, he found out that the white light of the sun is made up of seven colours, which we see in a rainbow. He also made many other discoveries. These great services of Sir Issac Newton are an insight to students.

L.M.Adeesha Chamodhi Bandara,
Grade 9,
Oxford Academy,