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Outfits for a perfect night

25 October, 2020

What’s the first thing you take off when you finally settle down after a long day? Do you automatically reach for your favourite Hello Kitty tee? Or is it instinct to kick off your pants and leave it at that? It’s the high season for doing nothing, for many perfect nights in, which has us ruminating on the wardrobe pieces that bring us comfort.

The items we wear at home are most telling of what we truly want to be wearing. That’s why we’re giving special space and attention to our lingerie and lounge wear. They’re the pieces in which we will gladly invest because they’re guaranteed to get the ultimate amount of wear.

It’s not about the destination; it’s the journey. Even if your plans for the day are to order Thai food and binge-watch Cheer, it’s all about feeling good about your outfit for yourself. When you catch your reflection, you sparkle on the outside (and inside!). Sometimes your best looks happen in the comfort of your own home. And we’re ready to go on this journey into self-fulfilling looks for lounging (and a perfect night in).

We gathered an all-star crew and spent a crispy winter day gossiping, giggling, and snacking on cookies and lemonade, all while trying on some of our favorite loungewear, getting all dressed up with nowhere to go. Scroll to see our fun day playing indoors. Ballet Recital: Dolly Parton Edition

For the girl who enjoys doing a full-out Misty Copeland ballet routine in her room, accompanied by Dolly Parton hits, keep your knit sleeves on and wear your thickest socks for optimal twirls. A heavy pair of ribbed undies will make you wonder why you ever need pants at all. Slip-on-and-go Unitard

A unitard at home streamlines productivity. Save your decision-making brainpower for what to order in for lunch and how to rearrange your living room. This non-fussy piece of clothing requires no thought. It’s for those days when you’re spending the majority of your time inside, but might need to run out for groceries, walk the pup, or have a quick session at the gym. Back to Basics

A look for those in-between moments when you’re getting undressed but remember you actually have to run a super-quick errand. A classic tank and high-waist-underwear set is peak comfort, but spice it up a little with muted colors. Show off your undies — they’re cute! A Structured Nap

Lounge wear doesn’t have to be just loosey-goosey pieces! Yes, we love our sweatpants, sweatshirts, and oversized tees — that’s why we’re keeping the bottoms easy with an elastic waist, but pairing with a more structured top. Also behold a rare moment when we successfully found a matching pair of socks and they match our pants. This is the outfit for running a few errands, checking items off the to-do list, while taking TV breaks in between. A casual Sunday. Shower Thoughts

Jazzercise goes pastel instead of neon! Wear a textured bodysuit over lace bike shorts for movability when you’re reorganizing your medicine cabinet or cleaning those hard-to-reach shower areas. It’s also a plus that when you move on to cleaning out your closet, you can easily slip things on and off when deciding what to keep or throw out. Indoor Disco Ball.