SL Badminton contends player exceptions could cost them millions | Sunday Observer

SL Badminton contends player exceptions could cost them millions

25 October, 2020

Defending its decision to exclude Doubles champion Jason Homer from the National pool, Sri Lanka Badminton (SLB) said that all its players are bound to adhere to sign allegiance and any failure on the part of anyone will result in non-recognition.

“It is a mandatory requirement that all players invited to join the National Pool sign a Code of Conduct (CoC).

“The CoC, among other items, restricts any player being a member of the Pool, from playing under any other brand identity other than that contracted by SLB, in tournaments approved or accredited by SLB. These restrictions do not apply to other tournaments.

“The non-adherence by one member of the Pool would entail the possibility of the brand sponsor cancelling the entire sponsorship, which presently stands at approximately Rs. 34 million,” SLB said in a statement.

The statement follows a report under the headline “Top badminton player struck down by foul play” in the Sunday Observer last week which highlighted the exclusion of Homer after he refused to endorse SLB’s official sponsor. The player’s father Clarence Homer told the Sunday Observer that the refusal by his son to endorse SLB’s sponsor was because he (Jason Homer) had already tied up with a private sponsor.

But SLB emphasized its policy saying that a former top seed player, which it did not name, had to renounce his private sponsor in the past in order to become part of the National pool.

“In fact, Sri Lanka’s number one player, who was under a lucrative contract form a competitor, had to give up the said contract, being part of the Pool.

“SLB is unable to make any exception to the Pool players and hence unable to accommodate any player as a member of the Pool, who is unwilling to sign the CoC.

“SLB has adequately responded to the matters raised by the Ministry of Sports (MoS). As the names of the Hon Minister of Sports and the Secretary of the MoS, had also been stated, we will refrain from making any comments, but would respond to the MoS, if required to do so”, the statement signed by SLB Chief Executive Trevor Reckerman said.