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A historical place in Sri Lanka

25 October, 2020

Sigiriya is a large rock in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. It is about ten miles off Dambulla. It has been named as one of World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

This rock is called Sigiriya. This is very popular among tourists for its frescoes. It is very beautiful. The Sigiriya Fortress was built by King Kashyapa. He built it on top of a rock. There is a carved lion entrance to Sigiriya. It has a mirror wall called Ketapath Paura. It has graffiti written by people who visited Sigiriya long ago.

Sigiriya is a very important place. If you go there you can see the ruins of ponds, buildings and water trenches.

We must protect this wonderful creation for the future.

L.N.G. Bimashi Yuhansa,
Grade 7-D,
Wijayawardhana Maha?Vidyalaya,