Flowers | Sunday Observer


25 October, 2020

Flowers are the most beautiful things that God has created . They come in many colours such as red, yellow, blue, white, orange and purple. Some flowers such as sunflowers and dahlias are big while some such as the phlox and morning glories are small. Many flowers have a lovely scent. I like the scent of the rose and the jasmine very much. I sometimes wear jasmines in my hair. Flowers add colour and beauty to our lives.

In the summer, gardens and parks are full of different coloured flowers. Even during the dull winter some flowers add colour to the streets. There are many flowers in my garden. I love to smell them and touch their soft petals. I never pluck them as my parents says, it is wrong to do so.

Thevarajah Abirami,
Kingston College?International,