The danger of Covid-19 | Sunday Observer

The danger of Covid-19

25 October, 2020

Life in the world was all normal
With people taking habitats of animal
Covid-19 came to the nations
Dragging all into worst situations
You taught us a lesson
Understood without confession
The globe trapped with your unkindness
Oh... now where can we find happiness?
May be if we be more humble
Without having a single grumble
Freedom will be granted for us.
Why take the rights of living
From animals we are killing
Stay home in your vacation
It will guarantee your protection
You have to pay attention
To give a confirmation
A famous phrase these days
Is stay in quarantine it says
It seems so complicated
Yet it is us who implicated.
Talk about the sin
With all your kin
It will be a long list
Which is why Covid shook its fist
Major problem was pollution
Not a speck after the creation
Leave alone natures
Magnificent creatures
for the incorrect actions
Corona took reactions
Now as spring awakes
A glorious scenery of lakes
And animals enjoy freedom
In the peaceful kingdom
Seems like nature is out of the laundry
Frostering up the country.
Now be aware
of how unfair
Humans can be
When having to share
We lost our happiness
Therefore, enough selfishness
Now it is time to change
By combing the range
Flowers might bloom
But none for the bride and bride groom
Liberty for mammals
Don’t forget animals.
When to be free?
I’m counting to three
Vanish as soon as possible.

G.K. Saubhagya,
Willesden College International.