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Sepak Takraw rules in Sinhala and Tamil

4 October, 2020

For the first time the English version of the Laws of the sport of Sepak Takraw which originated in the far east has been translated into Sinhala and Tamil to be easily accessed and understood by the majority of the youth playing the sport.

The translation has been done by the former President of the Amateur Sepak Takraw Association (an internationally acclaimed sportsman and administrator) Nizam Hajireen and his younger brother Zahirin Hajireen, a senior ASTAF and ISTAF referee and a former Technical Chairman of the Sepak Takraw Association.

As most sport Rules and Laws are in English there has been a long felt need for sport to be in the language of the natives as the sport is gaining popularity. It can be acclaimed as the first instance that such a Law Book on a sport has been produced in Sri Lanka. Some sports analysts say it can even be the first instance in the International arena as well.

Hajireen was compelled to compile and produce the ‘Booklet’ at this stage for the benefit of the Students, Teachers, Coaches, PTIs and Officials in view of the newly formed Sri Lanka Schools Sepak Takraw Federation. (AN)