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Motivate yourself with success

4 October, 2020

We still have a long way to go before we fully recover from the Covid-19 impact. In a difficult environment such as this, wins are hard to come by. Yet, there may be progress in your efforts. Big success is a collection of small successes for which continuous motivation is of utmost importance.

As humans, we all work towards achieving success and it is success that keeps us going. Success is the ultimate goal in every activity we embark on a daily basis, be it job related or otherwise.

Look at these very simple examples such as cooking, sleeping, driving, singing, selling, holidaying, engaging in religious activities, loving or playing a game; the success of all these activities are defined and measured through different ways and means.

Thank others

When success is achieved; doesn’t that motivate you further to do better? Ask yourself. In any activity success is measured by yourself first and then by others – think about it. Little successes progress and graduate to big ones overtime. Most people have a habit of waiting for big successes to feel good about or to celebrate.

When they don’t come your way you get frustrated and you even give up achieving little successes. Then the consistent failure occurs and you make yourself a person without success and then the downward performance trend takes precedence. Sometimes people don’t realise that they’ve achieved a certain measure of success. Often success is not celebrated correctly, and you simply keep working without actually giving time to pat yourself on the back. Most people have no idea how important it is to congratulate themselves, and celebrate each step they succeed to their ultimate goal. Of course you also need to take the time to thank others for their contribution and help whenever that happens.

Others will only recognise your big wins that have value to them or to your organisation. They are rare, given the level of toughness or competition relative to performance expectations. The time gap between big successes is always longer but you know well that people need regular or frequent motivation to keep performing well.

On the contrary, celebration of little success has its own benefits for those who aspire to be successful in every activity they lay their hands on. Psychologically, you feel that you are a winner and you can continue to do well.

Simple pleasures

This then becomes conviction and you start to believe in your inner power and competence. The feeling of success is something you don’t want to let go and it stimulates and persuades you to keep on succeeding. This helps you tap to the maximum capacity you possess. Do you now see the cyclical effect of celebrating little successes?

Learn from what you see around you and what you subconsciously do. How have you motivated your child as a parent, uncle or an aunt? Pause for a moment and close your eyes, do you now see the images of what you do and how you motivated a baby or a toddler to shape behaviour? All humans have a basic need for frequent simple pleasures to enjoy life and it’s you who can look for and get these simple pleasures to further motivate you.

Celebration helps ‘recharge your batteries’ for a longer and more successful journey with the sense of satisfaction you get.

Sri Lankans have a habit of celebrating others’ success or may I call it external successes. No matter what your day has been at your workplace if the Sri Lanka cricket team has won a game against Pakistan. You would be very happy and you feel your day is successful.

You remember how you celebrated when Sri Lanka won the Cricket World Cup and Susanthika Jayasinghe won the Silver medal at the Olympics. I don’t mean to say that it’s a bad thing to celebrate our success. By all means that is the right thing to do.

What I advocate though is; if you believe in your personal growth and progressive success in life, it’s important that you celebrate your success first.

No matter how small they are. Just be aware that little successes stack up to big ones.

Celebration is all about being happy or feeling good about what you have achieved and it’s not about partying which we are well known for, as a nation.

Instead, thinking about success, sharing the success story with someone who is close to you, writing it somewhere, taking a chocolate home for your spouse or children and going to a place of worship are means of celebration to motivate you to achieve frequent success. You learn to enjoy it; it will naturally motivate you to do better in life.

See if this simple philosophy can facilitate a step change in you. I’m sure it will.