Singer and SLIM to boost sales team stature | Sunday Observer

Singer and SLIM to boost sales team stature

27 September, 2020

Singer (Sri Lanka) has collaborated with Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), the apex body for marketers, to launch an Advanced Certificate in Retail Services Marketing to equip the Singer salesforce with the best practices and industry knowledge in marketing.

This collaboration would contribute to Singer’s aim of elevating customer experience to the next level backed by a well-trained staff.

“Singer is one of the largest conglomerates with an islandwide presence and a strong sales network. The company is renowned for its best in class customer service that has propelled it to greater heights.

This initiative will further assist in our endeavours to streamline the best practices in customer service and further reinforce our brand presence in Sri Lanka,” said Chief Executive Officer at Singer (Sri Lanka), Mahesh Wijewardene.

Director, Human Resources and Business Integration at Singer (Sri Lanka), Roshan Kulasuriya said, “Singer accommodates over 3,000 sales staff who are keen on taking up leadership roles in our organisation.

“It is of utmost importance to mould them to be sales professionals and provide them a validation with an Advanced Diploma offered through SLIM - a key investment that we are banking on,” he said.