Where has the sparrow gone? | Sunday Observer

Where has the sparrow gone?

Ray’s of the golden sun reaches up to me,
Warming my curls and stroking tenderly ,
From the untidy nest hanging on the beam,
Wake up! It seems to scream.
Darting through holes wide and narrow,
“Tweet tweet” chirped a brown feathered sparrow,
I run to school along the sandy path,
Overtaking the jingling bullock cart ,
Shadowing me is the little sparrow,
Sheltering on a mango tree into a tiny burrow.
As the golden bell rings violently ,
I clutch the crumbs and leave the class silently ,
“Tweet tweet “ I imitate with outstretched hands ,
Whisking past on my palm the sparrow lands,
Pecking with the golden beak all the crumbs,
Leaving my palm pink and almost numb.
Huddled by many I show off proudly,
To my friends who stare enviously,
But alas! The misery of war leaves my village in devastation,
Throwing all of us out in different direction.
The last I remember of my precious childhood is ,
With tear filled eyes waving goodbye as soon as I could,
The tiny bird flapped it wings confused,
The roaring engines didn’t spare a minute but disappeared in high speed.
With wounds of war grey and old stands my home,
Like the untidy nest which once hung on the beam,
A streak of withered grass still hangs on,
Like the ruins of a kingdom lost and never found,
I stood there alone ,
with sorrows unknown,
Where has the sparrow gone?

– Zeenath S.A. Razack