Sri Lanka Athletics turns into a brand name | Sunday Observer

Sri Lanka Athletics turns into a brand name

The Sri Lanka Athletics Association has decided to change its name to Sri Lanka Athletics (SLA) after it had been proposed at an executive committee meeting last week.

A member of the executive committee told the Sunday Observer that the decision to change the name was unanimous.

“We felt that being callled the Sri Lanka Athletics Association was not in keeping with today’s trend and we also needed a name that would have international appeal and it is appropriate that we go as Sri Lanka Athletics.

“We also needed a marketing strategy and it will also be good for our sponsors who rally around us,” said a member of the executive committee.

The world governing body for athletics that was called the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) had also changed its name to World Athletics in October 2019.

It was also one of the reasons that prompted Sri Lanka to go in for a change and fall in line.