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Women’s Chamber hopes Govt will walk the talk

16 August, 2020
Chathuri  Ranasinghe
Chathuri Ranasinghe

Women’s organisations and Chambers while congratulating the new Government on its victory at the General Election said they hope they would not be let down this time and that the pledges to build a vibrant economy, ensure peace and stability and the application of the rule of law would be fulfilled.

The Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce (WCIC) in a congratulatory note to the Government on its victory stated that the Chamber which represents women entrepreneurs and all women of the country’s workforce expects the new administration to fulfill the aspirations of the people particularly women who have been yearning for a bright future since Independence.

“Great victories mean great expectations.

“The convincing landslide victory is an expression of the hopes of the people for a new era of peace, growth and stability.

“The mandate given to the government is to rejuvenate the economy with new and bold initiatives,” WCIC Chairperson Chathuri Ranasinghe said.

The WCIC is confident that the new administration will focus on the role of women in society and at work particularly, to address the gender disparity in all spheres of the economy which has stifled progress of the country for decades.

“We expect there will be policy measures to increase opportunities for women entrepreneurs especially of the SMEs to play a greater role in the economy. Ensuring access to funding, imparting of know-how and creating a stable market for their products are crucial to develop the sector, the backbone of the economy,” she said.

The chamber expects an educational policy that would meet the needs of the labour market, help job creation and the realisation of entrepreneurial aspirations or academic and professional ambitions of the women.

It hopes that policies to ensure the safety and security of women at workplace and public transport will be in force and measures encourage greater female participation comprising suitable women in the civil administration.

WCIC believes, there would be a drive for a ‘Self Sufficient Sri Lanka’ with aggressive accelerated development of entrepreneurship in the agriculture sector.

“We look forward to seeing that the rule of law is applied to all equally to root out drugs and criminal activities from the country urgently.

“In the free market the business community is the engine that will drive the economy. Like all other global economies our economy too is hampered by crippling Covid-19.

“The business community can only look up to the government as the main source for recovery,” Ranasinghe said, adding that in times of grave crisis governments have always stepped in to rescue the economy by stimulating the private sector.

The future of the economy and business community depends on the extent to which the government and the business community can build mutually constructive and cooperative consultative mechanisms and norms for speedy growth.