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SMEs ‘very hopeful’

COSMI President Nawaz Rajabdeen
COSMI President Nawaz Rajabdeen

SMEs have strong, newfound hope on the new administration for their long overdue revival.

“We are certain President Gotabaya Rajapaksa will listen to our concerns and deliver within the next five years,” said the President of Sri Lanka’s Confederation of Micro, Small and Medium Industries (COSMI) Nawaz Rajabdeen.

He was speaking on the outlook for local MSMEs and industries after the landslide victory by the SLPP at the general election.

Rajabdeen said that he hopes President Rajapaksa would receive backing from the newly elected Parliament to develop MSMEs, industries and business communities across the country. “We are sure that the President together with the new parliament will support all citizens irrespective of caste and religion. His support to uplift and upgrade industries in all districts is the next viable step. We are hopeful of the new government pursuing a medium to long term development strategy for our MSMEs and industries,” he said.