CCC lauds strong mandate for economic revival | Sunday Observer

CCC lauds strong mandate for economic revival

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) congratulated Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and the newly elected government on its victory at the General Election and the clear majority mandate received from the voting citizenry.?

The Chamber is optimistic that the Government will lever its mandate to exercise exceptional, bold and innovative measures which will accelerate economic revival.

The multi-faceted challenge ahead will also call upon the Government to double down on the fundamental tenets of domestic production, narrowing of the trade deficit, and the strengthening of fiscal and monetary disciplines, alongside a progressive approach to global market access.

It also remains fundamental that a Second Wave of Covid-19 is prevented at all cost.?

The Chamber Is optimistic of the commitment of? government focus towards the recalibration of public sector expenditure, the empowerment and upskilling of the civil service, a concerted effort towards State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) reform and spawning of Public Private Partnerships as modalities of capital mobilisation.?

The Chamber looks forward to the setting up of a fresh paradigm on governance, policy formulation and Implementation Management.?

Accelerated economic revival will be predicated on the effective execution of a Public-Private Shared Vision for Economic Revival and Social Sustenance.

The Chamber accordingly seeks from the Government, a progressive dialogue inclusive of the timely consultation of business chambers policy formulation and legislation, to ensure Sri Lanka’s Large, Medium and Small Scale Enterprise Sectors garner superior competitiveness thereby forming a cornerstone of the nation’s economic revival.