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SJB achieved remarkable feat - Sajith Premadsa

Leader of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Sajith Premadasa said the SJB, as a new political party has achieved a remarkable feat in the history of Sri Lankan politics as evidenced by the results at the recent general election. The party which contested separately from its main party, the United National Party (UNP) secured 2,771,980 and 54 seats in Parliament.

“This marks a democratic political revolution in Sri Lankan politics,” he said. Premadasa said that the SJB was formed only one month prior to the dissolution of Parliament. “The lockdown meant that we were restricted to our homes,” he said adding that at the time the SJB did not have a party office or any other infrastructure. “The SJB is the only party that recorded a good result in such a short time in the country’s political history,” he said.

He said the SJB had a tough start and the party proved that money and buildings were not the assets needed. “Instead, it is the people who proved to be the biggest asset,” he said adding that the SJB could have fared better if it had a party machinery at the grassroots level.

The SJB leader said that it had to face much envy and was attacked by various groups. “Lies that our party was not registered and that our nominations would be rejected were spewed,” he said. The SJB was formed with the approval of the UNP Working Committee despite the party turning hostile later. “They are now facing the consequences,” he said.

Premadasa said the SJB was now the only political alternative in the country. He said he was confident that the SJB could form a future people-oriented and progressive Government. “Despite the Government winning a majority which may appear as a challenge to us it must be remembered that after 2010, despite having 144 seats in Parliament the then government suffered a serious setback at the next election,” he said. The SJB will face any upcoming Local Government election similar to the general election.

Premadasa said the national list seats slots are still being discussed. “However, defeated candidates will not be permitted to enter Parliament through the national list,” he said.