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Respect other professionals, maintain discipline - Roshan Fernando

He is one of the most celebrated cinematographers in the local entertainment industry, having worked with leading celebrities, internationally and locally. Roshan Fernando has been in the industry for almost 15 years and having drawn inspiration from his father, followed in his father’s footsteps i n no time.

He talks to Youth Observer about his celebrated career through Fx Studio, what keeps him creative and how the entertainment industry will bounce back post-COvid-19.

Q : What inspired you to get into the?entertainment industry?

I would say my inspiration to take to? cinematography and video direction ,something I was fond of? in my younger days? too,? came from my father who? is a veteran photographer. He was my mentor and? following? in his footsteps was my ultimate goal at that time. I used to play with his cameras sometimes. But he always admired what I did, and that encouragement? helped? to make me what I am.

Q : Let’s talk? about your journey?in the? field of production?

It’s been 15+ years since I started in this industry, even though I had experience working with my dad earlier. I had to do my studies on television and broadcasting overseas and? in Sri Lanka? and in many places. In this journey, there are? a few people I should not forget, for the opportunities they have given me, and? because of whom? I have become? what I am today. That’s Kushani Gankanda of Wizcraft, Dian Gomez, Imran Saibo of Classic Funtime and Canon Singapore? and? Metropolitan Sri Lanka. They are the people who? have given many recommendations for the jobs I did for them.

So far, our company Studio FX? is a venture that goes back? 40-years t and? has run through two generations. And? we have a well-experienced crew? who have worked with international celebrity artistes. Yanni, Russel Peters, Enrique Iglesias, Kenny G, MLTR, Boyzone, BoneyM , Ft Liz Mitchell, Shaggy, Big Mountain, Diana King, Mamma Mia (West End), Clare Voyents, Nigella Lawson are some of them.? As well as? working with celebrity artistes I? have worked? on many international documentaries for Netflix and international brands like Lulu Lemon and Calvin Klein among others.

Q : How was it working with some of the most celebrated international and local artistes in the entertainment industry?

It’s interesting since I love every part of my job. It? is challenging sometimes with their requirements and what we can cater to? in Sri Lanka. But honestly, we Sri Lankans are talented. The best example is? the Yanni 2014 tour of Sri Lanka. That is because they required some special lenses to be incorporated with the show which is extremely expensive but Sri Lanka didn’t have those at that moment. But I managed to bring down two from UK. And I am? very proud to say that? ours was the only department? which worked? with 100 per cent? Sri Lankan professionals.

Apart from technicalities, I would say some artistes are friendly and helpful For example, most of the artists, when they visit Sri Lanka they fall in love with the county and its people and are greatly taken with? how friendly and hospitable we are. I remember the famous band, Big Mountain wanted to do a music video here on Sri Lankan beaches. Nigella Lawson loved Sri Lankan food and our wildlife parks. Whenever they come they have something that they love? in our country. Even after the Easter Sunday attacks some of them posted on their social media pages t requesting? people to? help Sri Lanka and tourism.

Q : How has the past couple of months been,?without work?

Even though we didn’t have much work it was a time I badly needed- a break to think more about creativity. Did some creative writing and planning? for some projects which are? due to start in? the future.

Q : Post-Covid, how will the industry survive?and what will it do get back to its former glory?

It is a tough time, but we all have to be positive about it. We mean to create new avenues of work in the same industry like virtual conferences and other online stuff. I think to be positive about what we do is the best way to be successful.

Your advice to the current set of technical directors, and those aspiring to join the entertainment industry?

I would say, love your profession, always respect other professionals and maintain discipline on location.? And always research what’s happening in the industry. This industry always deals with technology.? So, study it and get to know it. But always be creative. And don’t let the opportunities fly away. Because it might not come again to you.