Seylan Bank introduces payment gateway at St. Mary’s College, Chilaw | Sunday Observer

Seylan Bank introduces payment gateway at St. Mary’s College, Chilaw

19 July, 2020

Seylan Bank introduced a payment gateway facility, VOBA (Virtual Old Boys Association) at St. Mary’s College Chilaw, one of the oldest educational institutes in Sri Lanka. The school is the first in the island to be facilitated with the VOBA platform as a part of its process towards digitalization.

The platform is a multipurpose portal used by past pupils to connect with their former peers, track and manage the schools’ ongoing development projects. Seylan Bank has now enabled the members to settle Old Boys’ Association (OBA) membership fees and make direct donations to the school’s account from across the globe via this payment platform. The portal can currently be accessed via web and mobile on both Android andiOS devices.

The service is now open to all schools with a past pupils/old boys association, Seylan Bank’s online paymentplatform will act as a game-changer directly contributing towards increasing the number of members across all the association’s island wide. The VOBA portal runs on the Ceylon Innovation servers and allows smooth and easy transactions carried out by members of the association both living in Sri Lanka and across the globe, streamlining a once time consuming and cumbersome process. Once a payment is made to the gateway portal, a receipt is produced immediately and sent to the payee’s email via the platform, ensuring a secure and efficient payment process.

Seylan Bank operates with a vision to offer the ultimate banking experience to its valued customers and is evolving rapidly with new technology, innovative products, and services to set a new benchmark in the banking sector.