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Royal Edu Consultants opens for students in Canada

19 July, 2020

Royal Edu Consultants has signed a contract with education services provider, Navitas to? increase the number of opportunities they provide to students.

Royal Edu Consultants? now represent two reputed institutions in Canada;? the International College of Manitoba (ICM)? alongside their University, the University of Manitoba? and? they also represent Fraser International College (FIC)? and its university, the Simon Fraser University.

This opens multiple doors? for students as they get a chance to experience life at the college as well in the University.

Each of these two colleges? permits students to transfer to the main? university after completing a year of studies? at the college (University Transfer Program I and II)? and they are able to directly transfer to university to continue studying the second year subjects.

Students with basic Advanced level results as well as basic IELTS results are also given an opportunity to study at these colleges.

Royal Edu Consultants aims to provide students with vast opportunities to study and educate themselves in reputed universities. They cater to the national and international school students who do not have the opportunity to enter or have decided against entering local state universities.

They also help students who have either completed their Ordinary Level examinations or their Advanced Level examinations a variety of options. For students who are unable to enter national universities they have a plethora of universities abroad where these students can branch out and explore a myriad of avenues of learning.