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‘Keep it green’ An environment preservation project by Pan Asia Bank

19 July, 2020

In line with the World Environment Day inJune, Team HR of Pan Asia Bank? initiated an environmental project, titled ‘Keep it green’, which encouraged staff to plant trees for the protection of the environment. This project provided the ideal platform for inspiring positive change for a greener future.

Staff of Pan Asia Bank enthusiastically participated in planting over 1000 trees in and around the bank branches, own homes, in and around the main hospitals and parks near Jethawanaramaya in Anuradhapura. Planting and nurturing these trees not only will support recovery of environment but also will encourage the green movement in the wider community with the involvement of the Bank’s staff, stakeholders and the civil society.

Planting of trees is one of the simplest, low cost and high impact environmentally-friendly activities that offers a wide range of benefits such as release of Oxygen to the atmosphere, removal and storage of carbon, reduction of flooding, enhancement of air quality and cutting down of the heat.

Pan Asia Bank also is a pioneer in Green financing in Sri Lanka and plays a pivotal role in promoting environmentally-friendly projects as a truly Sri Lankan Bank.